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Reiki Sessions

Hands-On Sessions

60 Minute Hands-On  ($55)  

This session includes removing old energy and replacing with new, aligning chakras, grounding and focusing on the needs of the client.

90 Minute Hands-On ($65) 

A full session includes removing and replacing energy, scanning chakras and auras, removing blockages, releasing and grounding. Also allows extra time to focus on clients needs whether it be physical or emotional.

I also offer 30 and 60 minute Distance Sessions.  Please email me to schedule (can be done at night or weekends)


Etheric Cord cutting

What Is Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting with 30 Min Reiki ($75)

The main focus of this session is to remove etheric cords and to repair aura. After this is done you will recieve 30 minutes of Reiki to give you new fresh energy and grounding. The time varies depending on how long the cord session takes, but is normally at least an hour.


Whenever we bond with someone, attachment cords (energetic ties) are created, which travel from our heart chakra to the other person’s heart chakra, or from solar plexus to solar plexus, as this is the chakra directly related to our emotions. Cords are also found in other chakras and parts of our bodies. Also, sometimes these cords are connected to our past lives and need to be cut in order to move on.  When cords have been formed we have direct access to another person’s emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical state, as well as their intentions and capabilities, which also enable a transfer of energy. However, cords can also drain and deplete us if we are radiating too much energy through them, or if the other person is aware that a cord is in place and their impulse is to draw on the energy we are radiating purely for their own benefit (also known as energy vampires). This can happen when we have entered a relationship with someone, believing they have good intentions, when they have no desire to establish anything meaningful, and they may even manipulate us in the hope of gaining something.

Deciding that we want to move on from previous experiences is not always enough. Sometimes we need to consciously and energetically disconnect emotions and feelings, and really feel we are ready to make a clean break. If we want to let go of an attachment to someone, we can choose to sever the energetic ties that bond us. We may choose this if we find ourselves obsessively thinking about an ex-partner, feeling remnants of pain due to old memories, feeling resentment or bitterness due to past grievances, feeling tied in or drawn toward someone as though they have a hold over us, or simply if we find it difficult to move on and we want to start over. If we do not sever the ties, we may keep getting triggered by our open emotional wounds and remain caught up in the same patterns, which can cause us to stay in, or keep getting involved with low frequency relationship. This is usually why we attract similar types of people (or the same kinds of relationships) over again, as energy cords are keeping us connected to the past.

We can be affected by these cords in a variety of ways, including: 

Feeling so emotionally connected to an ex to the point where you are unable to attract a new, healthy relationship in your life

Experiencing a lack of confidence in your abilities and talents (especially in the workplace)

Consistently being defensive when around certain people
Repeating patterns in friendships, family relationships, and romantic relationships

Clinging on to relationships for fear of abandonment

Attracting negative people or events in your life on a continuous basis

Holding on to anger, pain, or hurt from the past

Not speaking your truth or defending your position to another out of fear

Feeling drained emotionally or physically after interacting with a person, on a regular basis



In order to save time feel free to download, print, fill both out and bring to your session. 

Otherwise they may be filled out at the time of your session